What is PasteList

PasteList is an Android app that lets you create lists of downloadable items, the app will download any file type and try open it with the correct application for that file. If you download a video file the video player will be launched etc.

Examples of usage

  • Music teacher can send a secure list of files the students - Video of how to hold guitar, mp3 of slowed down song, pdf with detailed explaination
  • College lecturer can send students a secure list of lab files that relate to android
  • Private company can create download list of internal files like procedures and various files that are self hosted inside the private network

You could easy say that these could be sent via email or other means but most users don't have the knowledge to find their way around the android file system when the file has been downloaded. With 2 clicks they download then open and its that simple

Create it Paste It Run it