List creation options

Private Option

If you want to create a private list that is not stored on any database please use the Create File option. You can share this file with friends via any means and then they can load it on the app. This option is useful if you are a college or an organization that uses internal links where files are located. No data is stored on my servers when you create a file as this is pure javascript. For added security I would encrypt the data before you create the file, this helps if you are sending the file data over a private network that is monitored

Self Host

If you want to create a list and let users download from your site simply create a new list, encrypt it, export it as file, upload file to your website and then give users a link to this file which can be typed into pastelist android app E.g or you can upload this file to your github account and share the raw link as seen below

30 day list

This option you are creating a list on my servers where a pastecode can be shared with users. This options stores the list on my server along with your IP address. IP and list data will be delete after 30 days. One benefit of this is the #pastecode is small compared to a url. Please use other options if you don't like the fact that your IP is stored for 30 days in the database for each list you create

Pastebin or Hastebin

If you want a list to last forever just create your list (I would advise you encrypt it), copy the encrypted text then create a or link which can be loaded in the app

Pastebin Hastebin Video


If you open a account this is a good and free place to store your lists. You can also load them directly into by selecting the view as raw option on github which will give you a link like this:


Test Samples for Android App

Enter these codes in the android app. If the list is encrypted the Key=12345

  • #pastecode

Test Samples Import section

Enter these urls in import url textbox and click blue button
  • Decryption Key=12345
Quick Import must be checked

Copy text from these files and paste into the textarea in the import section or enter url then click blue button