I take no responsibility for any list you upload. Please do not upload any Illegal content as this is not the aim of this service. Data will stay in the system for 30 days and will be deleted after 30 days have passed along with IP addresses. Your IP addresss will be linked to your list as this is to avoid people spamming the service. You are only allowed 10 list per IP address per day. If you want your list somewhat private please encrypt them

If you want your list totally anonymous please create your list then download the file which can be loaded by the app. This way no user data every touches the server as all code created on the page is client side till you click Create Link. Create File does not store any data in the database

No user data is shared by me with 3rd party clients, if you don't like that fact that your ip is stored temporarily please do not use this service or see Help option on how to create a private list

Google Analytics

I use Google Analytics on this site to give an idea of where my audience comes from. I don't use any other tracking cookies but if you don't like Google Analytics please don't use this service